Cosmos Flakes Threatens International Space Station

The U.S. space agency (NASA) successfully with a smooth putting the space shuttle Atlantis on the International Space Station (ISS), Sunday (11/07/2011). However, NASA now must face the problem because the space station was hit by space junk are threatened.

International Space Station

Space junk that leads to the ISS is a flake satellite Cosmos 375, launched in 1970 the Soviet Union. The satellite was destroyed by colliding with other satellites so that the shrapnel everywhere. One of the fragments is expected to hit the ISS at 23:00 pm on Tuesday, but it is not known how large in size.

"The team hopes to find out their movements after the docking process (Atlantis) is completed to determine whether to use a jet driving maneuvers (thruster) to avoid these fractions," wrote NASA in a statement.

Anticipation of the satellite debris collision was an important concern not only because it could endanger the space station. The coming of these fractions are also expected to coincide when the astronauts will perform duties directly outside the space station or called spacewalk.

Space shuttle Atlantis was launched Friday last week docked to the ISS on Sunday at around 23:07 pm. Four astronauts who flew the aircraft has conducted regular inspections to ensure aircraft remain safe protective coating to return to Earth after 12-day mission.

Before yesterday docked, Atlantis is also maneuvering to turn to the astronauts on the ISS can take pictures of her belly to make sure there is no protective layer is peeled off the heat. Atlantis door was opened about two hours later after docked to the ISS and the two teams met astronauts.

The launch of Atlantis this time noting the history of its own because it is the last mission of NASA's space shuttle program has been running for 30 years. For a time in the next few years, NASA astronauts will be sent to the Russian Soyuz rocket. Furthermore, NASA was preparing a replacement vehicle is ready to do the exploration to the Moon, Mars, down to the asteroid.

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