Anwar Ibrahim Wounded in Protest

Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim suffered bruises in the head and legs after the Malaysian police fired tear gas at protesters demanding electoral reform, on Saturday (09/07/2011).

AFP news agency quoted tonight Channel News Asia report, Anwar Ibrahim was brought to the Coast Hospital by ambulance, escorted by a bodyguard who was also injured.

A. Xavier Jayakumar, legislators allied with the political party of Anwar Ibrahim, said he and other opposition leaders along with hundreds of protesters gathered at the train station in downtown Kuala Lumpur, when police fired tear gas.

"There was panic. Anwar fell, and his head hit the pavement. He suffered bruises on his head and his left foot," Jayakumar said at the hospital. "Anwar is very shaken up after falling down due to fire tear gas," he explained.

Malaysian Police Chief Inspector General Ismail Omar told a news conference Saturday night mentioned, as many as 1401 protesters were arrested, but not including Anwar Ibrahim arrested. Among those arrested was Abdul Hadi Awang, President of the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS), the largest opposition party in Malaysia, and Ambiga Sreenivasan, leader of the Koalisi Bersih, which organized the rallies. Most detainees were released shortly after the police checked.

Malaysian police used teargas and water cannon against protesters who took to the streets against the government. About 8,000 protesters against anti-riots police line in front of the bus station in the heart of Kuala Lumpur by pushing the crowd toward the police line. Protesters took tear gas canisters and threw back at police.

Jayakumar said the circumstances of Anwar Ibrahim in good condition even though the doctor wanted him to stay in the hospital so they can monitor their health. While Anwar's bodyguard had to  surgery after her left eye were disrupted by gunfire tears that made the police.

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