Anwar Ibrahim is Malaysian Government Phobia

Malaysian opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim refused if he called the mastermind of the riots on Saturday in Kuala Lumpur. He said the Malaysian government often made ​​him the scapegoat because of fears of excessive aka phobias.

"They are phobia, any problems in Malaysia meted out to me," Anwar told, Sunday, July 10, 2011.

He said the problem in many areas until the dispute with Indonesia, he was always the scapegoat. This event, he said, not once or twice happened to him.

"Anything, ranging from the economy, oil prices rise, it is caused by Anwar. Tourism is not crowded, Anwar act again. Tensions with Indonesia, was one of Anwar. Several times we heard it. Everything is considered to have a relationship with me, So I was able to complete all is it? "Anwar said.

In addition to problems associated with governance, accounting tripped several times Anwar of sexual problems, everything he denies. "They are phobias, to say I am Jewish, Christian, Hindu, joined al-Qaeda network, They also said that i am homosexual, like chasing women," he added.

As quoted from the pages of The Star, Prime Minister Najib Razak said, Anwar Ibrahim riding demonstration trying to find support for the next election. Anwar, Najib said, trying every means to become prime minister.

Anwar denies this. He said the demonstration last Saturday meant demanding clean elections, has nothing to do with personal ambition. Regarding the elections, Anwar said the choice is in the hands of the people, not like the government.

"Problem of the people, why he should be prevented, it's up to the people. If you want to block me, whether he should be cheated the elections? The issue yesterday was a demonstration of free and fair elections. Thay want Anwar, Saleh, Ahmad, that the affairs of the people to choose which one," Anwar firmly.

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