Asteroid come close to Earth

Asteroid 2011 MD of the newly discovered June 22, 2011 and will come close to Earth on Monday (6/27/2011) tonight. The asteroid will reach the distance of closest approach to Earth at approximately 0:00 pm.

Asteroid to be hovering over the area of ​​sea off the coast of Antarctica, about 3218 km south of South Africa. On reaching the closest distance, altitude 12,000 km asteroid is above the Earth's surface.

In a post on Twitter, Asteroid Watch Program NASA stated, "There is no possibility of hitting Earth Asteroid 2011 MD. But, astronomers will use this opportunity to observe with radar."

2011 MD measuring approximately 10 meters. In theory, an asteroid the size of less than 25 meters will be destroyed when it enters Earth's atmosphere so that a small potential to hit or harm the environment.

Well, is it possible to see this asteroid tonight? Difficult if the naked eye. Must wear teleskop.Pada inherently asteroid is only visible in the Antarctic region.

Therefore, the public image of the asteroid may have to wait on the internet if there is perpetuating. The closest distance achieved asteroid 2011 MD is pretty close. But distance is not a record. February, 2011 CQ1 floating asteroid approaching Earth reaches a distance of only 5471 km.

Asteroid 2011 MD was found June 22, 2011 and the LINEAR telescope in New Mexico. The telescope was used to observe near Earth Object, objects near the Earth that some of them potentially hit Earth.

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