Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf is currently the name of the most typed in search engines. However, if you know who he is? If you are a Transformers movie buff, you definitely know who he is.
Shia LaBeouf is a three star in Transformers movie reveals that the third series, titled Transformers: Dark of the Moon is the best three-dimensional film ever made.

Shia LaBeouf was born in Los Angeles, United States, June 11, 1986. He is an actor who has won a Daytime Emmy Award. His first appearance was on Freaks and Geeks in 2000 as Herbert the mascot.

In 2007, Shia LaBeouf starred in films including Disturbia, Transformers, and Surf's Up is increasingly held up his name in Hollywood. Shia LaBeouf in the category of the richest young artist in 2010, films that starred LeBeouf total profit reaching 3.5 billion U.S. dollars. If converted into pounds, films from the 25-year-old actor got 81 pounds for every pound he has received. It was a fantastic amount.

Shia LaBeouf stated in the third film directed by Michael Bay to use the camera used to film James Cameron's Avatar. It is intended to get some of the best 3D scenes to be witnessed on the big screen.

"We use the 3D cameras that are used in Avatar, and the cameras are placed just above the heads of people who were jumping from the plane when a building exploded, as an example. This is the best 3D movie ever made. A merger of great works of James Cameron, Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay, "explains LaBeouf to the Los Angeles Times.

The latest news circulating is Shia LaBeouf will play a role as Robin in the third film of the Dark Knight.

Blagojevich Trial Getting Hot

Former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich who was convicted by a court, is currently on probation. Blagojevich trial today is the keyword of the most sought-after in search engines, perhaps this is due to corruption which he did some time ago and get a conviction by the court.

Which makes me wonder is the key word Blagojevich trial why become very popular in comparison with othis keywords associated with the charges being faced by Rod Blagojevich.

Blagojevich trial became very popular due to the corruption that he did. One more thing that makes him more famous was that he never wanted to resign when the case began to unfold before the public

Blagojevich trial I think it would be enough to survive a long search on google. In 2008 he was opposed to President Obama. his unwillingness to resign, although it has been suggested by Obama make him more unpopular.

Blagojevich trial that became hot trends in search engine will probably make the Democrats more uncomfortable. Wednesday, December 10, 2008, Blagojevich also ignored warnings from Democratic members of the Senate that prohibits Blagojevich make the appointment to pick a replacement senator Obama.

Although keyword Blagojevich trial became popular, but I think it will not matter in presidential elections next period.

When I discovered the phenomenon
this Blagojevich trial, I think that in fact Americans are very different from Japanese people very dignity and honor. In Japan, when an official feels he failed in his duty to resign as a form of accountability. Perhaps it was culture that is built in America do not teach self-esteem and honor as a leader.

Transformers Dark of The Moon

Transformers: Dark Ot The Moon is the third film of the Transformers series. Directed by Michael Bay and produced by Steven Spielberg. This is the sequel of Transformers and Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen. Transformers: Dark Of The Moon is scheduled to be released on July 1, 2011 in 3D format, will also be released in the formants 2D.

Ehren Kruger was again involved in writing after terlbiat in the second series. Megan Fox is a partner Shia LaBeouf will not play like the two preceding series. Megan Fox as Mikaela characters will be eliminated and the story Sam aka Shia LaBeouf will find a new love, played by British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Synopsis of Transformers Dark of the Moon

Autobots Bumblebee, Ratchet, Ironhide and Sideswipe led by Optimus Prime, who returned to action against the evil Decepticons, who was determined to avenge their defeat in the movie Revenge of fallen Transformers 2009.

The American government during this was not entirely honest reveal what they know. For years they tried to find out about the existence of other living creatures besides humans that inhabit the earth, but they never said if in fact they have a considerable amount of evidence.

Apollo 11 is a testament to the progress of space technology the United States. At that time the Soviet Union is also seeking to become the first man to set foot on the moon, the United States had preceded them and landed the first astronauts on the surface of earth satellites. Mission success is a milestone in the history of the early success of humans exploring beyond Earth's regions that were previously only dream.

Unfortunately not all the documentation about the first human landing on the moon is revealed. Apparently, when landing on the moon, the astronauts found carcasses of other spacecraft that forced an emergency landing there. The problem is, the wreckage was not from Earth. Does this plane come from Cybertron? Is it true that they have reached the earth at that time

Changes in the Transformers Dark of the Moon

In the Transformers 3D is no more the beautiful Megan Fox. His role as Mikaela Banes has replaced the model who had just won the title as the sexiest woman in the world, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Transformers Cast on Transformers The Dark Of The Moon

Shia LaBeouf, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, John Turturro and Ramón Rodríguez is set to play back in a figure which they starred. Peter Cullen back as the voice of Optimus Prime and Hugo Weaving will also return the voice of Megatron.

Asteroid come close to Earth

Asteroid 2011 MD of the newly discovered June 22, 2011 and will come close to Earth on Monday (6/27/2011) tonight. The asteroid will reach the distance of closest approach to Earth at approximately 0:00 pm.

Asteroid to be hovering over the area of ​​sea off the coast of Antarctica, about 3218 km south of South Africa. On reaching the closest distance, altitude 12,000 km asteroid is above the Earth's surface.

In a post on Twitter, Asteroid Watch Program NASA stated, "There is no possibility of hitting Earth Asteroid 2011 MD. But, astronomers will use this opportunity to observe with radar."

2011 MD measuring approximately 10 meters. In theory, an asteroid the size of less than 25 meters will be destroyed when it enters Earth's atmosphere so that a small potential to hit or harm the environment.

Well, is it possible to see this asteroid tonight? Difficult if the naked eye. Must wear teleskop.Pada inherently asteroid is only visible in the Antarctic region.

Therefore, the public image of the asteroid may have to wait on the internet if there is perpetuating. The closest distance achieved asteroid 2011 MD is pretty close. But distance is not a record. February, 2011 CQ1 floating asteroid approaching Earth reaches a distance of only 5471 km.

Asteroid 2011 MD was found June 22, 2011 and the LINEAR telescope in New Mexico. The telescope was used to observe near Earth Object, objects near the Earth that some of them potentially hit Earth.

Rachel Weisz Married James Bond

Daniel Craig reportedly married his co-star in the movie 'Dream House', Rachel Weisz. As quoted from U.S. Magazine, the title character in James Bond film 'Casino Royale' is married to Rachel Weisz in a wedding ceremony in New York, Friday, June 24, 2011.

Craig and
Rachel Weisz couples first met on the set of a horror movie 'Dream House' which will be released in September 2011. Rachel Weisz and Craig looks to spend the holidays with one month after the split from film director Weisz 'Black Swan', Darren Aronofsky. Together Aronofsky, Rachel Weisz has had one son aged five. While Craig was married to actress Fiona Loudon in 1992. However, their marriage only whole corn as the couple finally divorced in 1994. Both memiiliki one girl aged 19 years. After that Craig's relationship with Satsuki Mitchell. Again the fabric of Craig with his girlfriend crashed in early 2010.

Rachel Weisz was born on March 7, 1970 has starred in many movies, like 'The Mummy Returns' and 'Enemy at the Gates'. Meanwhile, Craig, who was born on March 2, 1968 better known thanks to his role as James Bond. Although Rachel Weisz ​​acting in that movie criticism, Craig succeeded in the BAFTA Award nominations.

Hugo Chavez Surgery in Cuba

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who was in Cuba after undergoing emergency surgery, is in "critical" but stable, according to El Nuevo Herald in Miami on Saturday (06/25/2011), quoting U.S. intelligence sources.
Chavez's government has declared he underwent a pelvic abscess surgery on June 10 and his condition improved; the president's brother has told Venezuela's official media that Chavez would return to Caracas within two weeks.

Bathing Before Swimming

Rinsing the body after the swim becomes a must do a lot of people. However, not many people who feel it is important to shower before jumping into the pool. In fact, a shower before swimming to prevent infections arising from the pool water.

Diseases caused by water swimming pools (recreational water Illnesses / RWI) is spread by swallowing or breathing in contaminated water, particularly from public swimming pools. This disease affects estimated by more than 10,000 people in the United States each year.

Researchers from the University of Michigan said, shower before swimming can be a way to prevent infections due to pond water. Body rinse with water before contact with the pool water can reduce the chemicals that are still stuck in the skin removed.

Research conducted by a team from the University of Illinois in 2010 found that nitrogen-containing products are used by swimmers, for example, sunscreens or cosmetics, will be the agent that is toxic when mixed with a disinfectant in swimming pools.

Exposure to disinfectants in the long run will cause genetic mutations in the body that can cause defects in the fetus, accelerates the aging process, respiratory problems, even cancer.

Although chlorine is sufficient to kill most of the RWI-causing bacteria in one hour, but the parasite that causes stomach cramps, diarrhea, and nausea can survive in the pool for several days while the water already contains a disinfectant.

One way to prevent the spread of RWI is to prevent the parasite into the pool. Therefore, experts recommend that children bathe with soap before swimming.

Parents are also asked to teach kids not to urinate in the pond to prevent water pollution.